flattens, flattening, flattened
1) V-ERG If you flatten something or if it flattens, it becomes flat or flatter.

[V n] He carefully flattened the wrappers and put them between the leaves of his book...

The dog's ears flattened slightly as Cook spoke his name.

[V-ed] ...the pitiful shacks built of cardboard boxes, corrugated iron sheets and flattened oil drums.

Flatten out means the same as flatten.

V P The hills flattened out just south of the mountain... V P We now think prices will flatten out towards the end of this year... Also V P n (not pron) V n P Peel off the blackened skin, flatten the pepper out and trim it into edible pieces.

2) VERB To flatten something such as a building, town, or plant means to destroy it by knocking it down or crushing it.

[V n] ...explosives capable of flattening a five-storey building.

[V n] ...bombing raids flattened much of the area.

[V-ed] ...areas of flattened corn.

3) VERB If you flatten yourself against something, you press yourself flat against it, for example to avoid getting in the way or being seen.

[V pron-refl against/on n] He flattened himself against a brick wall as I passed. [Also V pron-refl]

4) VERB If you flatten someone, you make them fall over by hitting them violently.

[V n] `I've never seen a woman flatten someone like that,' said a crew member. `She knocked him out cold.'

5) VERB If you flatten someone in a fight, contest, or argument, you defeat them completely.

[V n] In the squash court his chief aim is to flatten me...

[V n] A large percentage of these forces had been flattened by the assault.


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